Cinema 21 Parking at the Cinema 21

Map/Directions from Google

There are several good TriMet bus lines that go very near the Cinema 21 (see below).

Northwest Portland Parking Sign

The City of Portland put up these 90-minute white and green parking signs over 16 months ago for the sole purpose of discouraging visitors from parking in NW while attending Timbers home games. Even though the signs have been posted for over 400 days, the 90-minute limit applies only to the dates and times of the Timbers games. There are only a handful of games, an average of two games per month.

These poorly designed signs are confusing and hard to read, and the dates and times of enforcement are in small print. Anytime there is a Timbers home game, you may not park for more than 90 minutes. All other times, which is most of the time, there are no time restrictions on the streets covered by these signs.

The area covered by the signs stretches from Burnside to Irving Street. You may park on the streets north of Irving whether there is a Timbers game or not. And there is another parking option when coming to Cinema 21: Parking Here.

When Driving to Cinema 21:

  1. Fill your car with movie-lovers.
  2. Pull right up to our front door. Provide convenient Curb Service drop-off for your Carpoolers.
  3. Drive 2 short blocks north and 1 block west and Park inside the Legacy Good Samaritan Parking Structure at NW 22nd & Kearny.
  4. Stroll back to the theater. Enjoy the cafes, galleries, historic
  5. apartment buildings and Victorian houses which surround Cinema 21.
  6. Organize your own carpool if possible when you drive to the theater.

THANKS TO LEGACY GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL, this inside parking is available during evening (after 6:00pm) and weekend (including afternoons) theater hours for Cinema 21 patrons.

Please park only in unmarked/unreserved spaces, not in any spaces designated for doctors. Respect nearby residents and businesses whenever driving, parking and walking in NW Portland. Thanks!

Where Exactly is the Parking Structure?

From Andrew, the webmaster
This map should help:

Parking Entrance
Entrance to the parking structure
Parking Map

The parking at Good Sam is at 2222 NW Kearny (NW corner, the only parking structure right on the corner). It's a covered structure on the ground level. Turn right into the covered parking structure. It is called "Parking 1". Again, do not park in reserved spots.

Unfortunately, there is no sign that says "Cinema 21 Parking". There are signs that say you will be towed, but if you park during evening or weekend theater hours you will be fine (do not leave your car there overnight or try to park during weekdays). Andrew has parked there numerous times without problems.

Bus/Rail Lines Near Cinema 21

Driving Directions To The Cinema 21

The theatre is located on NW 21st Ave at Hoyt Street. If you are coming within the city, NW Glisan (one-way) to 21st Ave, then make a right, is a common way to get there (though it's unlikely you could part right in front of the theatre). W. Burnside to 21st Ave is another way to get there. (If you aren't familiar with this part of town, it might be helpful to note that the streets in NW Portland are organized in alphabetical order.)

From the freeways: From I-405 (north or south), take the Everett Street exit. You'll want to pickup Glisan Street (one-way street). From I-405 North, you simply go straight at the first stoplight and turn left at the next light (Glisan). From I-405 South, you actually have to make a 360 degree turn bearing to your left to get onto Glisan from the Everett Exit (there's a sign). Once you get on Glisan, go about six blocks to NW 21st Ave, then turn right. The Cinema 21 is 1 1/2 block up on your right. To get to the parking structure, go another three blocks on 21st Ave to Kearny Street. Turn left on Kearny, then go just past 22nd Ave. The Legacy Good Sam parking structure (see map above) is on your right on Kearny.

The Cinema 21 web site is maintained by Andrew Hall. Please contact him with comments and corrections regarding the web site. Please do not email with questions about the theater itself or the films; for those kinds of questions, please simply call the theater at 503-223-4515 (you'll get a live person when the theater is open at night and on weekends).